Entrepreneur Driven Meetup, 1 Million Cups, Comes to Dallas

Dallas has seen an abundance of new startup and tech meetups pop up over the past few months, ranging from CoFoundersLab to Dallas New Tech Showcase, and now 1 Million Cups is joining the scene. 1 Million Cups is a great meetup that engages entrepreneurs and startups with the community. Every week, two entrepreneurs and startups get to present their business to a mix of mentors, advisors, and other entrepreneurs that give feedback in return. It’s a great way for these entrepreneurs to receive constructive feedback and ideas on how they can improve their business process and potentially find new ideas to integrate or pivot on.

Two companies, Cupenya and Suitrak, presented this past Wednesday. Cupenya, represented by U.S. director Kara Brown, is a cloud-based workflow analytics solution based out of the Netherlands. She presented over how their product can help empower U.S. businesses to maintain a competitive advantage. Suitrak, represented by founder Randy Dam of Rak Retail Group, Inc., discussed how his company can become the alternative online solution to purchasing high-quality and affordable suits when compared to the traditional suit store.

I asked Jennifer Conley, 1MC Dallas Coordinator, her thoughts on the first Dallas event and the role it can play in benefitting the Dallas startup community.

"Wednesday's launch in Dallas introduced two startups - Cupenya and Rak Retail Group - to an enthusiastic audience that were interested and willing to help these companies in any way shape or form. We were so impressed with the presentations and the contributions from the audience. This is truly something that will benefit the community. It will give entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their company in front of an audience, get real feedback from their peers, and make new connections along the way. We also had a special guest join us from 1 Million Cups Denver, Gary Geissler. Gary's guidance and advice going into our first 1 Million Cups event was invaluable and we were honored he was able to join us. It was a great turnout, about 20 people showed up our first week, and we look forward to growing it every week."

1 Million Cups is hosted at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center, as well in Fort Worth at Avoca Coffee, every Wednesday morning, so if you love coffee and/or startups, this is definitely something you should attend.

For more information, check out the 1MC Dallas or 1MC Fort Worth site, or follow the events on Startup Digest Dallas.