Starting Fresh on

I've been moving my blog around for about the past 2 years because I could never find a platform that I just really enjoyed. I tried Wordpress, Drupal, Tumblr, and even Jekyll/Octopress, but I was just never very happy with any of them. So the search continued.

For the record, I write a lot... kind of. I grew up not really liking my english or history classes (though my teachers were really fascinating), I was more of a math & science nerd. I hated writing essays, but it turned out that even though I didn't enjoy it, I was pretty good at it. I could take two paragraphs written from a partner on a group project and turn it into a one and a half page master piece through the art of fluffing (how do you think we get through college?).

About a year ago I started writing more often, writing blogs for my company, sharing stuff on social media I find interesting, junk like that. In March 2013, I went to Brazil for SOSummit and while I was there I was asked if I'd like to write the Startup Digest for Dallas. I'd like to consider myself a go-getter, so why the hell not, let's do it. I've had an Evernote account for awhile, but never put much use to it, so I started writing all of my blog posts and Startup Digest drafts in Evernote. Let me just say, it's changed my workflow completely. You write notes, tag those notes, put them in organized notebooks, and can then share those notes and notebooks with other people or the internet in general. IT'S SUCH A GREAT IDEA.

Really though, it's quite efficient for me. I can then keep track of everything I write regardless if it's for the digest, my company's blog, or my own crazy rants. I write everything in Evernote because I never really trusted browser WYSIWYGs because we all fear the same things:

  1. You're slightly an idiot and hit the back button on my browser, either via the button or some black magic with the backspace key.
  2. You own and Mac and did that two-finger swipe thing that makes you lose your mind as the browser goes back.
  3. You submit your post, aaaand the site crashes, or some random error that doesn't submit your post.

And this is where comes in. I can't remember how I actually found out about, but it was a godsend. "The blogging platform powered by your Evernote documents." No CMS, no browser WYSIWYGs, no problems - just write your stuff in Evernote, tag it with "published", and sync. Poof, done. The best part is that you can do it from anywhere using the desktop app, browser editor, or even the Evernote app. I know it's very Tumblr like, but this fit perfectly into the way I already do my writing, so I think it's just fantastic.

Anyways, this isn't some kind of advertisement for, but I do think it's super cool and I'm behind them all the way. I'll be writing all my blog posts on here now relating to startups, Dallas, entrepreneurs, technology, web development, blah blah blah, but I thought I'd at least give a little shout out to this amazing platform because I honestly think it's incredible.

lf you're wondering about my featured image at the top, I'm just being weird hanging out with my wife's giant Led Zeppelin picture she likes to keep on the wall. I'm out.