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Kyle Taylor. Web developer. #UNT alumn. @StartupWeekend Denton organizer. @StartupDigest #Dallas curator. I also eat tacos and watch Steven Seagal marathons.

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I’m sorry HTC, it’s not you - it’s me.

I have been a longtime loyal fan of HTC, we’ve been through everything together. For almost 8 years I’ve stood by your side, through thick and thin - but I’m sorry, HTC, we need to part ways. My closest friends and family know that I’m a pretty big fan of Android. The platform, integrations, flexibility, and configurability - I love it, and I can honestly say that I’ve never seriously considered going to iOS, ever. I mean c’mon, my favorite...

Starting Fresh on

I've been moving my blog around for about the past 2 years because I could never find a platform that I just really enjoyed. I tried Wordpress, Drupal, Tumblr, and even Jekyll/Octopress, but I was just never very happy with any of them. So the search continued. For the record, I write a lot... kind of. I grew up not really liking my english or history classes (though my teachers were really fascinating), I was more of a math & science ner...